someone needs your votes :)

it has been quite a while since i took pictures and i kind of miss(ed) it. i did a small shoot with one of my friend's sister yesterday. her name is valinda and she is a fashion and textiles student and a coooooool person. (you are going to hear this name a lot in my future posts so remember it :)). she is entering a competition for a chance to style an ELLE shoot (which is an amazing opportunity one could only ever dream of!), so she needed some pictures taken for which i obliged. i humbly request you to donate some of your time to vote for her HERE it only takes a minute to register and your vote could change someone's life! she is absolutely dedicated to what she does and takes it very seriously. she is so hardworking but at the same time so cool and chilled! everything she wears says fashion all over it and she totally deserves to win this competition, not only because i know her but because i know for sure she can do so much if she got the chance to show her talent.


for this shoot i borrowed Karuna Gurung's nikon d40 for this shoot so i could use the 55-200 lens she had (which was amazing!). i have to admit i found it quite tricky to use nikon, but that maybe just because i was so used to using canon, i still loved it though.
we had issues with being on time (:P), wind, wind and a lot more wind, and my inability to work with flash, however we both are happy with whatever we got done and she is going to start her own blog as well soon so i will be taking more pictures of her. she is also selling some reallyyy nice clothes and i am going to use them for my shoots as a way of promoting them so that is something i look forward to after my exams finish. and if you are interested in buying any of her clothes, you sure can. but that is all after i finish exams and then i will be able to show you some of my new works without taking long massive breaks :)

(the first picture was an out-take. since it was so windy i tried to use it on our favour but i guess it failed miserably. i love it anyway.)

ps: i hate to admit it but i think in the past few weeks, i have become a big kate nash fan. i found this song so annoying the first time i heard it but its grown on me so much its on replay when i walk to college in the morning its quite sad actually.

pps: please vote for nirrimi as well on a competition she's entering. most of you might know her already and those who do, know how much of an inspiration she is to all of us, so i think we should keep voting for her everyday (yes you can vote once every 24 hours!) in order to vote, click HERE!!!! and on the bottom of the page, give her 5 stars! she deserves it!

on other news, remember i told you about the shoot with Swapnil Gurung a few weeks ago. i managed to edit a small batch of pictures and she has uploaded them on her blog, so do check them out. i will be editing more later and as promised, it will a 3-part series because there is a story that goes with it and i can't wait to show it to you all!


  1. omg goodluck to valinda!!!
    love wat she is wearnin, she gets my vote...
    cant wait to see you 3part series gyan =]

  2. OH EM GEE I LOVE ALL OF THESE!!!!!!! AHHH wonderfu wonderful :)

  3. shes a coool bean thank you for voting didi and yh managed to edit a few there's still so many! cant wait to get my hands on those babies lol

    thank you corinah :)