ignorance is my new best friend


we found this really cool place to do a photoshoot few weeks ago but we only got around to do it yesterday. although it was a shitty start but im really happy with the outcomes. if only it hadn't rained in the middle of it! damn you british weather :( there were so many that i liked but they somehow looked kinda similar so i handpicked the best ones, however i'll upload the rest and other outtakes from the shoot in my facebook (i'll post a link after im done editing)

this is the acoustic of ignorance by paramore :D

happiness hurt like a bullet in the mind

they are linda and merina :)
i am going to do shoots with them soon and today we decided to do some test shoots. one of my friends has agreed to model with merina. im quite excited about that since i've never done a proper shoot with two people together.
ps: i dont know if its blogger or the resizing of big files the quality is horrendous :(
here is florence and the machines with 'dog days are over' (this song has been stuck in my head for days!)

and these are from last year :)

with the sun on my back

last sunday i was in oxford and i found this place i was so glad i had gone prepared with my camera and tripod :) although at first i was really happy with the pictures however, after editing i cant say im impressed. too many pictures look too similar. i think im going to take a break from doing self portraits for a while. spring is finallly coming, and so i will be able to do my shoots i had in mind for i dont know how long! i will probably only get around to do those in easter break because of college and homework and work and what not but thats definitly something i look forward to :)
this is 'come home' by findlay brown :) (one of my favourite songs to fall asleep to)

see my soul

 i was looking for a mirror to use for a shoot i had in mind for ages and when i found this on saturday, it ticked all the boxes. i will use this for a shoot in the future. i got excited though, so i went to the woods and took some of myself. i think the sunset has come out wonderfully here, hope you like them as much as i do although the focus on some is a bit off but i do beg your pardon :)
this is 'see my soul' by pushplay

flighty winds, fleeting memories

another self portraits yet again :)
i think these are much better than last week's since im getting more used to my tripod
and i must say i have become quite a runner  ( thanks to selftimer :P)
ps: the quality of the first picture looks horrid here, please view on my deviantart instead :)


and for these i had the white rabbit from alice in wonderland in my mind. i couldn't decide which one i liked so here's the best 3 i guess