and there was sun, sun, sun


either i work on way too many pictures to remember which ones i have edited or i'm just plain forgetful. i found these sets of pictures the other day and i was actually quite surprised to see them because i had completely forgotten about them and to see i had edited these but to never have posted earlier, i thought i should totally be mad! anywhoo this was more than a month ago when we helped out karuna didi with her photoshoot. these are just random pictures i took that day. the ones that she took came out amazing! they have been put up in an exhibition in farnborough college of technology, so if you are near this area feel free to go to the photography building of the college to see lots of awesome pictures! :)
also my exams have started and so have our study leave. i've been revising pretty much every day for a month now (such a geek i know) so i haven't been able to do any shoots lately (except for a little self portrait i did for lookbook :P), but i do plan to do a loooooot once exams are out of the way. hopefully i will introduce you to some new faces (which i'm quite excited about!) and no surprise you will see these lot in the new pictures so hope you aren't fed up with them :P i have so so many ideas and i can't wait to show them all to you. on a side note, my obsession with temper trap has managed to make a comeback! sweet disposition was stuck in my head during my chemistry exam today and it was so difficult to concentrate!
ps: i am really happy today! :D

they were doing a bit of clothes swapping thing. i love how they still manage to pose with the weirdest postures and maintain their cool.
 the two black and whites look a bit odd in the midst of all these colour ones but i liked them better than colour. the (shy) person below is sony. merina took her gorgeous picture and the other one of us acting like we know what we are doing (lol) is by karuna didi :)


  1. I have to say...these photos are undoubtedly the best photos I've seen from you. Your photos are so amazing - you truly inspire people..even those who don't do photography! In other words, me. Keep up the great work. If you're going to pursue this as your career, I know you'll be successful :)

  2. oh hello nice anonymous person thank you so much :) i personally wouldn't say these are my best but glad you think so! and i'm really flattered i somehow managed to inspire you lol you should see my face right now i am smug! thank you for the good wishes :)

  3. A little delayed're welcome. Still producing lovely photos I see :)

  4. aarh you have a lighting kit your so lucky