in the valley of your heart

remember what i said about having long posts, and wow if i remember i think i also said i wasn't going to be as active in may? well i have made the most number of posts this month and i am going to upload many pictures in this post. (i change my mind so many times its unbelieveable!) i did this shoot ages ago and when i went through my folders today i went over each and every picture from that day and i was surprised why i didn't like those before? so here goes 5 hours of retouching i did today :)

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these are a few of the attempts in 'tugging the flower and looking like you are in love with it'


when i look back at myself a few months ago i was so obsessed with getting the perfect shot. i was too concerned with the buttons in my camera and now i realise i was missing out on all of these moments. few months ago i would look at these pictures and be disappointed but now i seem to love every picture (well almost!) regardless of how they are. maybe its because i don't care about perfection anymore. maybe just because i have changed. i want to start capturing fleeting moments to turn them into memories. i want to look at my pictures and i want it to conjure some kind of emotion in me. i want everyone else to feel the same way too.
see the other pictures from this shoot i uploaded previously here


  1. all those photos are gorgeous!
    i love how the first few have the in-focus then out of focus shots. the boca is amazing!

  2. woooo gyan some of the pics are
    way toooo Stunning :D

    tyaan taada ^^ hehe

  3. wow these is just a perfect serie. the model, the light! great job!! I also like the music you put here, which one is it?

  4. thank you :)
    the song is 'the cave' by mumford and sons

  5. the photos look great. U surely are a 70's child,the era of free love.the photos look vintage yet contemporary.gotta love da flower generation.:-)