we were young once

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on monday i had this amazing experience! i know karuna gurung who is a photography student and she needed models for a project she was doing. so i got my friends to model for her and yes it was such a great time. we had all this lighting things which i had never seen before, it was quite heavy to carry though. everything looked so cool and wow to me especially the umbrella thing attached to the box and stuff. (pardon my lack of knowledge on the names) i had never done anything like that and the only light source i had ever used was well the sunlight, and although its just one small thing you might say but it was quite huge for me since i have never had any photography lesson or anything like that and even though i was aware of the equipments used for lets say magazine editorials but seeing something similar to that firsthand, was overwhelming. the picture above was taken by me. it was really exciting using nikon D300s (so much bigger than my canon 450D and the sigma lens was really heavy) and there were so many buttons i didn't know what they were for. this picture looked so much better in monochrome but i wanted to show the skin tone and the impact of the external light thing(?)  :)
here are some other pictures i took (with the aid of the sunlight ofcourse :D)

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and this one was taken by karuna didi. i feel like a proud father when i look at this picture :)

don't let the sun go down on me

i have been so busy this week so apologies for taking too long to upload these. i took these of nischal last week but only got around to editing them today. i am quite pleased with the pictures but not completely satisfied with the post processing. i feel like i need a change. i miss going crazy with the colours like i used to. i am bored of my own pictures. so basically i kind of gave up editing these because i just dont feel like i am at my best state at the moment speaking on a creative sense. i will possibly re-edit some and definitely edit more from this shoot because there were others that i liked as well but im guessing it will only be after a month or so.
my exams are coming soon and this time i am really going to work hard. my january results were basically appalling and if i have any chance of passing, i'm going to have to stop photography (because that isn't what i ultimately want to be doing hmm a future post on this?) and even facebooking and really re-prioritise my studies (which i should have done from the begginning :(
im sorry if this post has just been a complete and utter rant about nothing but its my blog so i guess i am entitled the freedom to just use this as my "where to talk to myself" place? :S
on another news, i recently did a collaboration with egooffashion she is an amazing model to work with and really nice and kind :) it was the first time i worked with someone who i hadn't known or met before so i was kinda nervous but we got on quite well i think :) and im so happy with all the pictures! (thank you didi for putting up with my demands, i basically was like a slave driver making you work non stop for 5 hours! yikes i just realised this morning when i counted the time we started and ended lol)
she will upload some when im done editing a small batch but i will upload them in a 3-part series in time after i clear up my head, do some hardcore studying and hopefully do well in my exams :) this will probably be my last proper post for quite a while now (i might post some old pictures or maybe do non-photo posts where its only going to be me talking about nothing and everything? blehhh ) enjoy the pictures :)




let the light consume your soul

a casual shoot with my friend nawal. i was actually meant to shoot with his twin brother that day but due to situations involving hairdye (lol) we couldn't do it but i really really wanted to get some pictures in that beautiful sunset so i just got him even though he had an eye infection thing which made one of his eyes swell but you cant see it on the pictures. it was quiet brief and we only just managed to get about 20 pictures but i was really pleased with them. it was a shame i couldn't do a proper full shoot with him but luckily the hairdye problem was solved and the other day i shot with his brother with the sun on his back (yay). i will upload those later after i have some time to breath, meanwhile here's nawal and great music from scouting for girls :)

you are. my saving grace

ok this was not what we had planned to do but due to well err circumstances we ended up doing this somewhat greek goddess themed shoot and i guess im quite pleased with how much we managed to do in such short notice. merina did the hair and the dress and the accessories is all hers (lol) soph did the makeup and yes the model is linda :) teamwork FTW



i was hanging by a thread, i never knew there was

did you know you were drifting
from the moment you drifted
and could you feel your heart shifting
before it had shifted,

ahh british weather! what can i say about you, where do i start? your constant mood swings have exhausted me. this day was quite a dodgy one (or maybe not)- it first started out nice, the sun over the clear blue sky (a sight it was to see, especially when you are a minute walk from fields that you could easily get lost in or the ones you could walk forever and never get to the other end, and the ones that seemed to touch the horizon and the sky alike)
i got so excited and sneakily ventured into someone else's land for some pictures, oh but then the grey clouds shrouded over the blue sky and stole the sun and what was left of my optimism. i carried on, nevertheless, these would have looked so much better in colour (it did, it does but its not good enough, not for me).

i was attempting to do things with my scarf until i saw this old man with a dog, briskly walking towards my direction (with a stick) and i couldn't see his face properly but it wasn't a happy one. i took that as my cue to run and so i did (lol). after i left that field and reached i don't know where, it was sunny again. i found this place where i could continue. i couldn't have gotten luckier :)
this is soul meets body by death cab for cuite (one of my favourites :D) for some reason i find myself watching this video over and over again (the quality is a wreck but oh well)


blogging :)

i was contemplating whether i should upload these or not as they aren't really that good, but oh well i made this blog so i can post bits and bobs and this might as well be one of them. the weather was quite nice yesterday when i woke up (ie. 7 in the evening. my excuse: i was so tired i fell asleep as soon as i got back from college) just as i woke up i just literally stormed out of the house and quickly got to this 'cool' place i had 'discovered' near where i live :P i love the setting sun and its orange glow so i really wanted to get that, it was almost too late when i finally got there and it took me a while to set the tripod and the focusing was such a heading (i wish i had a model available 24/7 ) i was only able to take a few shots with the sun on my back (yumm) and then it started to get dark and if i may add very very windy but i really wanted to have some pictures taken so i had to compromise with the iso and the result- lots and lots of grain and noise! and this was i think my 5th self portrait and by now i have run out of poses to do and all i could think of doing was to take off my hat, take off my jacket and put it on again or just stand still and look as if i just died (which i think im getting quite good at) i should really start browsing the internet on how to pose hmmm. anyways, as i said earlier i have put up some outtakes and pictures of some light hearted moments from the last shoot on my facebook which you can see by clicking HERE. these arent perfect at all so do give my apologies. i will update this album later with many unseen (well rubbish) pictures from previous shoots, not sure if anyone's even interested but oh well :)

i think this has officially been my longest blog. i never realised writing whatever you felt like or the first thing that came to your mind is quite fun. i think i've bored you enough. happy easter everyone :) im off to oxford tomorrow hopefully i'll get more pictures of my baby neice :D (i am still trying to decide whether i should post his pictures or not i have loads hmmmm)

 i had forgotten how good it felt to lay down on the grass although when you are doing that on your own its kinds sad but atleast im not standing on all of the pictures :P