a happy ending


don't you just love it when for once its not raining or windy or the sky isn't grey! this week couldn't have been better! blue skies in the summer heat, sunsets in all its glory over the violet-orange skyline! i want more days like these!! perfect lighting for ideal summer shoots but because of exams i haven't been able to shoot :( please weather, stay like this after my exams and i'll take pictures every day i swear. 4 of my exams are done and dusted, 5 more yet to go :( june 10 seems like such a long way to go. here is the last batch of the pictures with the lovely swapnil gurung. i haven't got much to say on the supposed story that was meant to be built on but basically here's what happens next, the queen finally finds herself again and she dances to celebrate and decides to live as a peasent for the rest of her life. she's happy, we all are happy end of story! yay :D


ps: i have a new header! do you like it? on future posts, i think i am only going to upload 'good' pictures from now on or perhaps split some posts in two. i just realised most of my posts are too long and with pictures i wouldn't necessarily say are the best ones. if i can select a small batch, lets say, 7 or 8 pictures per shoot i could spend more time on them. i could always come back to them at a later time anyway so quality over quantity it is from now on! :D
pps: this week i've been listening to the courteneers when walking to and back from college :)



  1. gyan bro i m using some of these on my blog hoi adn from tinypic...my blog needs serious revamping atm. i love the header btw.

  2. ofc you can u dont have to ask me lol :)