the fire was red, and there was no escaping.

a photoshoot i did ages ago with merina. she is amazing in front of the camera, knows what shes doing and doesnt complain which is always nice :P this is my favourite shoot i've done so far and although you might have already seen these too many times on my deviantart or facebook, do have some more love for her on here as well thank you :)
ps: i'll be doing another shoot with her when the sunset has its glow back and the sky turns blue again, i cant wait until then.



your skin was as cold as ice.

a photoshoot i did with my friend a while back, thought i'd share it here as well :) it was mainly fashion based so you might find some pictures similar.

here comes the sun :)

today was such a good day! after ages and ages of endless rain and what not there was finally some sunshine.
i was beginning to forget what it felt like to have the warm rays of the setting sun tickle the back of my neck
and the wind softly blowing through my ears, like a silent melody.
on our way back home from college i did a mini/casual photoshoot with my friends.
the lighting was amazing and i just couldn't resist.
this is the outcome of it i think its come out really nice
thank you so much angshu and sujita for being awesome models :)

the lamb

a small shoot with linda for merina's textile coursework. the blue dress thing shes wearing is made by merina and this was in college so its not really great tbh try and ignore the 'telephone' background it bugs me a lot but this wasnt like a proper shoot and we hadnt even planned on doing it so choice of location is poor, nevertheless doesnt she remind you of pocahontas? :)

and this one was from another day when she asked me to take a picture of her clothes so the main focus is on what she's wearing.


some self portraits :)