weather in england for the past few weeks, in one word has been, shit! the spring approaching and the sunny days on april were what i was hoping for in may as well but then again, its the british weather i'm talking about. after two continuous weeks of wind, clouds and grey skies, out of the blue, today happened to be a fairly decent day with the right amount of sun to lift my dampened spirits up. i decided i had had enough of biology (i didn't get half of the things i was studying anyway). i was hoping for an orangey sunset but luck wasn't with me. the light was too harsh and it took me a while to get the focus right since i hadn't done a self portrait for over a month now. i have lots more to show you but for now its only this one.

i don't know if you knew i had a lookbook account but i deleted all my looks, so here's a fresh start with this look. please hype! will try to update it more often when i get free time, thank you :)


  1. i am lovin' ur outfit bhai^^
    and i love ur bowler hat tooo...
    ugggghhh...i've been lookin' for one(bowler hat)...can't find one!! hehehehe....

  2. thank you didi i love it too :P i got this from my charity shop. this was the only one that was there. other places you could find similar ones is in rokit. do have a look on their website on the mens section you are bound to find one you like!