shaker hymns



 nothing pictures of nawal from the same day as this and this.

the guardian

 roland johnson @ sapphires model management

pictures from a month ago that i was going to publish only when my website was finished but its not quite done yet and i am impatient and i am very proud of these so it doesnt matter where you see them as long as you do. there's so much to say about this but its 2 in the morning, i am tired and well the pictures should speak for themselves (except for the white piece of fabric thats laying there which was meant to be some kind of 'fort' which never really happened oh wellz)

ps: i could not find any song that i thought went well with this :/

its twenty eleven guys!

i know a bit too late for the excitement but heyy its twenty eleven!!! so i was going to do a post with my favourite pictures i took in 2010 and some of them i hadnt uploaded anywhere before but then i changed my mind and decided to keep them until my website is released very very soon. here's some random pictures from my favourite shoot instead. we had so so much fun that day and even though we took many pictures that i'm very pleased with, i guess its the memories that make it more important for me rather than the pictures. regardless of how much i had to keep shouting (do i even have to say why? :P) and how much i moan everytime :P. i'm so lucky to have such awesome friends who painstakingly deal with the dictator i become when taking pictures and although they complain a lot (not as much as i do though) they do work so so hard and i am glad they do because not only i get memories like these but also beautiful photographs out of them.


this set of pictures show how my 2010 went and i have so many other happy memories in my mind and in my camera. ofcourse i had my downs as well but not nearly as much as the good times i had. hope you all had the same things too and hope you've had a wonderful start to this new year so far and i hope its going to be the same throughout the whole year.
i want to thank every one of you for being so so kind and supportive the past year, ever since i started taking pictures, and more so, since i started this blog. i really dont say it enough and i fear the world will know how soppy i can get but i just want to say i am truly thankful that you wonderful people take your time to see my pictures and even read the ramblings i manage to vomit and say all these unbelieveably nice things it makes me so so happy. i'd only picked up a camera just a little longer than a year ago and you guys have kept me going so far and have done wonders to my confidence and how much self belief i have in me and what kind of person i have become because of all the love you've given and i can't thank you enough. wait i thought i said i wouldnt torture you with my 'i loveeeyouuu guysss' speech *blows nose**wipes a few tears* :P
i'm sorry i rambled a lot and wrote like a 5 year old and basically said the same thing over and over again. i really dont feel like going through what i've written to make sure its readable, oh wellz you get the jist right?
you are awesome, therefore, i am awesome. there you go
happy happy days to all :D