spirit mouthed ghost dancer




model: georgia pearson
dress made by valinda rai
hair&makeup by subechhya gurung

definitely my favourite shoot so far this year :)

remnants of what once was


model: georgia pearson
dress made by savannah lyons
hair&makeup by subechhya gurung

one half of the pictures i took of the beautiful georgia today. i hadn't been happy at all with any of my pictures for a long time now and i really needed something that i could be proud to show. i am really pleased how everything went today and am yet again so grateful that i get to know and work with such kind and hardworking people. i'll upload more of my favourite pictures from this day in the next post.

never trust a man in a suit


it was raining the whole day today and i hadn't done self portraits in a long long time so i thought i might just get wet for some pictures (although the rain is hardly visible here). i couldn't find my tripod's head with the screw that you attach with the camera so i had to bravely make do with blu tack and rubber bands. i had bought this mask for another idea that i am yet to photograph, so for now i've taken some pretty cliche'd pictures, do excuse my laziness! :P
besides the fact that the plastic i used to cover the camera didnot keep it dry and i had to wipe off the water after every shot and that i couldn't take any vertical shots, it worked out pretty well if i say so myself (in other words, the camera is still working phew)


have a good day/night everyone :) 
for those who have a date tomorrow, have fun and for those who don't, let ben and jerry's in your life (like i'm doing *__*)

pictures and whispers


model: shehzeen husain
hair, styling and art direction: aprila gurung
mua: subechhya gurung
wardrobe: vintage basement
i do apologise for the non existent coherence in these pictures, both in terms of the actual pictures we took and then the post processing since these were taken in december and i edited them at different times, before, during and after my exam (which i'm glad to say are over!)
i havent got much else to say, its quite dull these days and i havent taken many pictures lately. the exams made me realise how much i really wanted to study psychology in university. i mean i always knew i wanted to do it, but i did have thoughts on wanting to become a photographer for living, somewhere at the back of my mind. i guess i'll always be taking pictures anyway. right now i've got my head on getting the grades that i need to get into the unis that i've been offered places from and i hope i've done good enough.
lately i feel so tired and my mind goes all fuzzy when i think about the future, i mean this year is going to be a hell of a year for me, especially finishing college and going to university, living on my own and what not.
my mind hasnt been in the right place either and there's a lot going on but i'm doing well and i'm trying and thats good enough for me. i have done a lot of thinking for the last few months about where i see myself in 10 years and such, and i have this plan in my head of the things i'll do and its silly because i know its not as easy as that but i feel like i have finally figured out something meaningful and i want to do anything i can to hold on to it. i just need to be brave i guess.
hope you all are good. how are you? how was your day?
i missed blogging and i missed you.

ps: i had to put my new found love for jessie j out in the blogosphere. dont mind me while i have my fan boy moments ;)