ruby in the snow


this is ruby who, being the nicest person that she is, let me take her pictures after i called her out of nowhere and asked her to come out in the snow.
 (lately i don't plan shoots. i wait for the urge to kick in, pressing the shutter to open my heart to the world around me as what it is, rather than what i'd like it to be.)
this is the founders building behind her. this is where i live.

sadness is a blessing

someone wise once told me that it is okay to be sad, that there is beauty in pain.
i believe you. 

its 4 in the morning as i write this, and i ordered pizza for myself and watched glee for the most part of the night. i am now listening to damien rice and the pain in his music resonates with mine and its oddly comforting.
i'm not okay right now, but i will be. i know i will.
i am sad but not defeated. i am grateful. i am hopeful. i am happy that i am sad.