little girl blue




the model is my beautiful friend pritty and makeup is by a very talented friend, subechhya.
garments from vintage basement.
i edited these pictures over a period of two months so that should explain the inconsistency in the processing
(and also maybe that i am really really lazy but thats a secret so shhh)

all because you want to be


roland johnson @ sapphires model management
wardrobe by vintage basement

someday my pain will mark you

listen to this song while you see the pictures, or dont see them at all.

shoot for your life

hey guys i've taken part in a photo competition SHOOT FOR YOUR LIFE and i would really really appreciate it if you could just spare 2 seconds to vote for me. you can view my entry by clicking on the picture above and to vote, you need to have either a facebook or a twitter account.
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(this is my first time taking part in any photo related competition so its all very exciting and i kinda feel weird, and almost like i'm cheating by asking people to vote especially because there are so many other amazing artists on there, some of whose work i've loved and followed and many that i personally think are more deserving, so please do take your time to go through the archives and vote for other pictures that you think are worthy too!) 

thank you thank you thank you guys! i will post more pictures from this shoot when i can :)
happy holidays :D

we are all filled with smoke


models: nawal gurung and nischal gurung
wardrobe: vintage basement!
makeup: subechhya gurung

i dont care if the font looks silly or the edit looks weird or different. i'm not entirely sure about it myself but i dont need to be. i'm never going to learn if i keep doing the same things over and over again. trying out new things and stuff. i want to do more dark themed shoots with a sombre mood.. maybe just how i feel at the moment. we have the college off for two weeks from tomorow and its going to be awesome! i'll be in a party each day of the next week which is something i'm looking forward to because i have just been doing college work and pictures for the last i dont know how many months and even though i do it for the love of it and well, i dont really have a choice with the homework but i'm just tired and well everyone needs a break right? i know i dont post as much these days but i've been taking more pictures than i used to and have basically been living in front of my computer screen. most of the stuff is other people's pictures, events i photographed, two weddings (i'm contemplating whether to post those online or not) and some personal projects i've done which i'm really pleased and excited to publish only when my website is completed. i hope it'll be done by new year! i'll update whats happening to it on my twitter because i am like a kid in a candy store everytime i think about having my own, YES I HAVE TO PINCH MYSELF! my own website! 
now isnt that great for a christmas present? :P
happy days everyone :D

dust on the ground


model: kirstie foss
first time i saw her at college and the first thing i thought was "i need to take her picture!"
see more on my flickr 
oh and you know how i always have a storyline behind pictues (cheesy as always!). for this one, she is a fallen angel who's lost her wings, so she cant fly anymore to get back to her home (the sun). she's stuck on earth and feels like dust on the ground. she eventually finds a way to get in touch with her friends (the dreamcatcher duh :P) and so she makes a house for herself in the trees, constantly waiting, always dreaming for the day they come to take her back home where she can fly again. (i did warn its cheesy!)

ps: i upload my most recent pictures on flickr these days because i just dont get enough time to edit as many pictures as these to upload as a series on this blog. this was taken more than a month ago so that says it all. you may see some pictures there that i havent uploaded here yet, i will eventually get around to blogging those. it was snowing last week and i took some self portraits which was quite fun (but very very cold!) i like so many pictures so i'll put those up as soon as i can! i also have 3 more vintage basement posts (eeek!) oh and on sunday i had the most amazing shoot ever! i also took some pictures that are going to be published in a new magazine called RISE which will hopefully come out in january so i am quite excited about that. it was a studio shoot so i learned quite a lot as well which is always a bonus :) in other news, i've been the photographer for two weddings in the past two months and i love it! ofcourse there's the immense pressure to capture all those special moments (and there are so many!) and then the aching hands and having to run around trying to capture everything you can, but being around two people who love eachother so much declare and share it with their loved ones, makes it worth all the hardwork. oh and i have a client shoot this saturday (yay). please email me on if you want one as well ;)
so thats what i've been up to during my absence (and also doing A LOT OF college work!) although i like to keep myself busy, i'm just waiting for xmas break to start already. a few nothing days won't do anyone harm. 
hope everyone's well and warm.