georgia on my mind


remaining pictures of the beautiful georgia from the same day as this and this.
dress by valinda rai
(the last picture is taken by valinda
i liked it too much to not upload!
photo credit goes to her, editing by me)

the faces of eve


model: dom r
stylist+assistant: sarah henriques
makeup: subechhya gurung
hair stylist: dany mikhael
clothing: vintage basement

eeek just when i decide that i won't disappear and regularly update this blog, college takes over my life and other things happen all at once. oh wellz i've finally managed to edit these i took for vintage basement. i will have one more post of the rest of the pictures from the same day and that will be it :) other than that, i've done another shoot and i'm really excited about sharing those pictures too as i had also done the styling myself :D
 i probably won't post any pictures after that for a while as i'm pretty occupied with life at the moment. my exams are looming! i can't believe that in no more than two months i will finish college. of course there's the exams that i need to get through first, but i just cannot wait to go to university! and this summer is going to be the best summer ever. so so excited :D