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peter and erica's wedding

two months ago my friend diana field had asked me to assist her for peter and erica's wedding she was shooting and i asked her to let me be the second-shooter too. i am so happy that i was able to take pictures whilst i was there. i wasn't there for the whole wedding and besides, i was mainly there to hold the reflector when needed so i wasn't able to take pictures of the complete wedding. i haven't photographed that many details. i haven't photographed the moments that touched me the most, that made me happiest, for those two people who i didn't even know and i'd never met before and yet seeing them so much in love and having the pleasure to witness them as they declared their love for eachother and celebrated what could only be one of the most important days of their lives, it almost doesn't matter to me that in parts i gave up being the assistant or the second shooter and just let myself feel the love and happiness around me. here are some pictures that i took and they aren't perfect, and if i compare them to the works of other wedding photographers, they dont mean much, but i know that to peter and erica they mean much much more, and thats what matters the most.

time to grow up

it's hard trying to remain a kid when you are in a grown up world. i try to keep the wonder alive but the more i try, the more it slips by. i'm growing up, slowly but surely. 
i'm just not sure if i like it yet.

model: ruby ellis
mua: lowri alice jones

high flying birds

pictures of lloyd, charlotte and jat from the silent night that we stayed awake being loud.