with arms wide open.

i easily get carried away by thoughts and into worlds of distant futures.
expectations overwhelm me with the need to take better pictures everytime i shoot.
here i am looking for gravity to keep my feet on the ground, and you talk about flying.
i've never been much of a believer.
and today is not the day i take that leap of faith.

(today i went to a place where i'd never been before, and i was the only soul there. i spread my arms wide open, and shut my eyes close, and said nothing at all, and thought of noone at all. i put my camera on self timer and the shutter and the birds and the wind were the only things i could hear, and it was peaceful, and even though i couldn't stay there all day long, and the thoughts were loud and the time was rushing again, i was at peace.)

(well until this mega scary incident happened but i will not talk about it here *____* all i know is that it scared the hell out of me and i may possibly have nightmares about it tonight. okay fine maybe i'm exaggerating but something like that had never happened to me before and i think i just ruined this post and now i'm going to shut up. maybe just ignore this part :P)


  1. i love the third one the most.it looks like you can really feel the atmosphere there. plus i love the bokehfied purple in all the three :=)

    lol about the mad man! i'm sure he'd have liked a hug!

  2. hope ur ok :)
    the colours are beautiful

  3. thank you both :) this place was such a beaut so disappointed i only got like 5 minutes to shoot :(

    i am pretty sure his face didnot say "give me a hug gyan" it was more like "i want you to eat you alive" lol

  4. he must have got the impression that you're mad too, appearing as if you're flying on ground :P

  5. very awesome!!! you have a nice blog
    I'm following and hope you can do too


  6. all the best people are mad :P (alice in wonderland reference)

    thank you :D