black and blue

on tuesday i met with egooffashion and took pictures of her. she'll upload lots more after i get around to finishing those, because at the moment i am too busy trying to be busy but ending up doing nothing of any relevance at all.
currently i am obsessed with the music (and videos) of mike snow :D


  1. Amazing work gyan..keep up the good work

  2. the 1st and the 4th are my favorite! love her elegant pose in the 1st and the 4th just because she can carry off the scarf thingy!
    i also like the film-ish feel to the second one.
    darn i want to shoot this girl!

  3. thank you :D
    i didnt think anyone would like these (well except maybe the first one) because there were other(so to speak)likeable ones but then again i loved the spontaneity and free-ness in these pictures which i rarely capture so i uploaded these. i'm glad you like :D i'm sure she wants to be photographed by you as well didi :P