this is one of my favourite music videos ever. it never ceases to amaze and inspire me regardless of how simple it is and how many times i watch it. there's something so liberating and free-ing about it. you might argue its a load of rubbish and some might find the idea of people taking their clothes off and running around naked in public offensive and unpleasant. to me its a great video, firstly for the fact that its not just another pop music video of rappers and their so called muse, or of rockstars in their preclaimed rockstar lives. by not following the pre-set recipe for a successful video and by doing something different, it sets itself apart in another league.
this video makes me aware of how controlled our lives are and how burdened we are with society's expectations from us to do the right thing, say the right words, follow the right path. it appalls me how much scrutiny we are under to abide by rules, do as we are told. this video reminds me that regardless of all this, the only thing thats truly making you do the things you say you are doing because you are told to do so, is you. it makes me believe that we always have a choice, to choose for ourselves, decide whats right or wrong, say yes or say no if need be, and live life the way we want to. the only thing stopping you, is you.
although not everyone's way of expressing themselves and declaring their win against their demons is the same as of those in the video, its great to see and feel how it must be, to feel free.


  1. This video is so perfect and your thoughts about it make it even more beautiful!

  2. Hey bhai,
    Was looking through your pictures and I have to say they were all breathtaking! You have done a wonderful job and captured the beauty of...well..everything you've laid your eyes upon :)
    You will go very far, shall watch out for you ;)

  3. To be honest, Gyan more than your pictures I love the way you write. When I knew you at Jyotikunj back in Nepal .... I never had an idea that someday you will do something big like this. Today I was just going through the facebook and then tried to searched Sagar on fb .... couldnt find him and then I typed you go ur fb appeared. I was gald that you didn't kept it in privacy mode. Went through ur photographies and now em going through your blogspot. It's superb ..... I think I am going to read all ur older post tonight!!!1