enchanted forest

the song that inspired it.


  1. first picture- WOW, she`s sexy :)and nice background.
    second picture- is that her favourite pose? i swear she has done a similiar pose in another picture? i love those shoulder ko tings haru :)
    third picture- linda kina mathi hereko? chara le gu hagdela hai :D
    fouth picture- those looks like birthday ma paune khalko stuf! tree ko branch haru le ramro effect leko picture ma.
    fifth picture- she looks like she`s about to fly away. my favourite.

    Shristi (you told me to mention ma name so there yo go elves ko ear)

  2. yes she has done that pose a million times already lol

  3. What's the song called??? Its nice :)

  4. that backless dress is just WOW!
    i really like the fifth picture..the background looks really nice :O
    + in the fourth picture were those swirls already there? o.o or did you guys put them there lol just wondering :)

  5. wow love the back of the dress
    wheres it from ?

  6. That's gorgeous.
    I really like the screen shot of the video that appears on the blog...but for some reason it won't play on my computer :(

  7. really really nice @___@
    and the dress is like omg awesome :0
    1st and 4th pictures are my favorite :0 and i love the colors ... as always

  8. thanks everyone :D the song is fire by augustana

    @preksha we put those swirly things there its actually the things you wrap around gifts :P

    @sumodewan the dress is designed by valinda rai :)

    @india.tea if you click on the play button it should just play :S

  9. Gorgeous pictures. Like your blog. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?


  10. The photos are awesome.. looks really enchanted.. And I really love the dress... Give the designer my regards..

  11. i admire the photos...jus nided to asked yuh smethg...which program do you use for editing.??guess you can help meh out..^_^

  12. thank you everyone :)

    i've been using picnik.com for a long time now (just the basic account) and only just recently started using photoshop CS4

  13. woooo!! awesome!
    liked how the last pic turned out to be. to be more exact..the sparks :)
    and her expression on second

    very goood :)