strangers and vintage basement

(i haven't blogged/ dumped my thoughts for ages so this is going to be long :P)

i met these amazingly friendly and (if not so obvious already) cool strangers in an equally (if not cooler) shop called VINTAGE BASEMENT when we went to london on tuesday. this billy idol classic was being played whilst we were there and the lady started dancing to it without any care or hesitation. it was quite a sight to see and she did have some funky moves. i just knew i had to photograph her and so i gathered the little courage i had and asked if i could take her picture to which she kindly obliged. i also managed to get her friends in the pictures (go me!) they were such a cool and funny bunch and were so nice to me and my friends. i just wish i had asked their names and i only realised i hadn't done so after they were gone. but they did give me their business card (the breakfast club) which was awesome and as i had semi-predicted they specialise in dance, choreography and creative direction. i would definitely love to hang out with them!

so many good things happened that day! (in addition to me finding+buying a military combat shirt, suede boots and a jumper :D) it wasn't the best weather we could have asked for and as ambitious a tourist we might have been, we really needed a shelter from the downpour since our umbrellas didn't seem to do the job well. we went back to the shop where we met the strangers earlier. upon talking to the owner of the shop, we found that he was a nepali as well. seeing that i was having a lucky day (and with a lot of encouragements and ta bhanna bharu) swapnil didi and i went up to him and asked if we could use some of the clothes from his shop to take pictures in. he agreed to let us do so which was so kind of him and awesome since we then were sneakily able to avoid the never ending rain :D

egooffashion wearing:
straw hat(£10)
80s leopard print blouse (£14)
jodhpur trousers (£22)
wedges with butterfly cutouts (£15)
COURTESY OF vintage basement

 the shop is located in cheshire street, london E2 6ED. it's just off brick lane and a few blocks down beyond retro. these amazing finds are still in the shop so you might as well go and get those before someone else does (and even if they are gone you'll be glad to know there's plenty more there for you to savour your thirst for insanely rad vintage clothes and accessories (both mens+womens!) and to make it even awesome-er, all items on the ground floor are just £10!
do have a look at their facebook page to see whats on offer.

(you maybe wondering why i've turned into a salesman(ish) but the owner was so nice to us it only seems fair to help in any way i can :))
so do visit when you're in london and also tell your friends ;)
ps: i am soon going to collaborate with the shop which is going to be awesome! i cant wait to get my hands on all the vintageness :D


  1. you go!!!!!! when i first saw the photos, i was like oh man! gyan is doing so awesome! and to know that you were stranger to them is icing on cake. kudos for your courage (for asking), timing (for the dance movements) and overall brilliantness!

    i love ur future <3

  2. Ahh I've been there! I spoke to the man as well. I just looked at him and I thought, this dude MUST be Nepali and then I went off on one and started speaking Nepali to him.. hahaha he's such a nice guy! The whole of Brick Lane is pretty brilliant. Nice photos!

  3. Oh and I'm a new reader! I found you off Lex Limbu's blog. Like your stuff so far! x

  4. @sumodewan there's really no need to be jealous :)

    @tara didi thank you i love your future too :P

    @manks haha yeah was quite obvious and brick lane is sooo coooooooooooooooool! thanks for liking :D

  5. amazingly pro pictures @___@
    the expression of the models are great, the clothing makes me wanna check out that place if i ever get to go to london, and your photography skills just get better and better (:
    keep it up~

  6. Wowwww
    must visit that shop sometime soon..
    + awesome pictures once again