you shine brighter than light

on the same day as the previous one. i know they are not as good and i had almost decided not to upload these because i worry too much (that i am not good enough). i need to remind myself time and again that i take pictures only for myself, and not to please someone else. see the rest of the pictures that i haven't uploaded here, in my deviantart gallery. thank you pritty, angshu, sujita and momo :)

lol i am such a slave driver. loved the fact that they happily 'obeyed' :P. yay for hardworking friends who can stand my winging and complaining :D
note to self: dont get used to it.


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  2. wow i really love these beautiful pictures!! you should get a lookbook account. i'm sure you'll get tons of hypes!

  3. @mary lee thank you i already have one :)
    if you were referring to the lovely model in the picture than ignore my comment :P

    @sumo hmm comment removed? ¬_¬(lol) i would have liked to see what you wrote but thank you anyway :)

  4. faIRYTAlE pose AND BEAUTY.