distant echoes and faded memories

i wish i had lived when the beatles lived.

edit: i did this post in a hurry so i didn't have time to write much about it and i only just remembered. i have had this idea for a long time but when i did it i cant say i was impressed by the outcome. running back and forth on self timer trying to fit in a suitcase within 10 seconds was definitely not my best skill and after about two hours and 400 unsatisfying pictures i just gave up, so i will definitely reshoot this idea with a model and have thought of a few changes which i think will better show this concept (to depict a journey. ps: the pictures on the suitcase are the pictures from my first few shoots! hint hint ;)) on other news i've got a job now so the few free hours i get i spend sleeping and reading for EP and on facebook (i should be ashamed!) i still have tons of pictures i havent even started editing yet and there's so many ideas i want to shoot but in the mean time work is taking priority. i also chose to do an extended project over the summer about which im not really sure anymore. a 5000 word essay about autism which i havent even started yet seems likely to fail but lets see how that goes. hopefully, i'll be able to have a decent essay by the end of summer and also some new shoots (which involve mirrors, red threads, ceramic masks, a guitar in mid air, butterflies, newspapers, roses, a vintage picnic, and teenagers on the loose).
hope everyone is having a great time :)


  1. ok i love the concept +, the beatles are awesome.
    it's ariel by the way, i made a blogspot, i want to take a break from dA, it's getting old, even though i'm still trying to figure out how it works... so confusing website. D:

  2. hi ariel glad to find you here as well :) i've taken a break from dA as well. blogspot is my home now :) it was confusing for me at the beginning but reading the FAQs and googling things i wanted to know helped :D

  3. your look on the second photo, MUAHAHHAHAA

  4. absolutely love your work. great to see young talent. Btw, do you happen to have a flickr or a place where you dump all your beautiful pictures? & thanks to "lex" for directing towards ur blog.

  5. hello bijou thank you :)
    i do have flickr i only just made it a few days ago so havent put much there yet :(

    i also used to have deviantart before my blog so there's my old pictures http://gyan215.deviantart.com/