perfect timing

 its not that i dont take any other pictures except portraits. its just that i don't think they are good/different/special enough to upload. i think i'll upload pictures like these more often. pardon my awful cloning on the swan. oh and i just happened to realise that swans are (if not the most) one of the most elegant creatures. i edited these in photoshop. i now know a little bit more on which buttons to click for what (yay)
hope everyone's enjoying the sun. i'll definitely post some new works as soon as i get around to edit them. i start work on monday so i'm a bit nervous. i hope i dont get fired in the first week :/
ps: i heard the song in the iphone ad and i love it!


  1. The color blending look perfect!

  2. wow!!!!

    theY`RE COOL.
    u are a really good photogrAPHER.
    please keep it up

  3. Finally we get to see other picture
    apart from portraits :)
    haha i did not want to sound rude..but ya..

    nice one :D
    n the song too (Y)