but i am only human,

"i've forgotten how to be happy"
"dont ask. dont expect."

the things you ask of me i cannot fulfill.

i am selfish and i want to be loved, and so i expect things from you, i expect stolen memories and moments in time that no longer exist, but in my mind they do, and some they never happened, but in my mind they did.

and i guess its okay but is it really?
what does it matter to her if he still forgets to remember?
and i guess its okay but is it too much to ask still?

your face is washed out by the sand and dust and there are things i barely remember and some i don't at all.

i am always drowning and falling and going backwards and moving in circles and doing it all over again, everyday.

i swam once and i flew once and i had moved on once and i had made a square once (i was you, and you were me and we were both the same on all sides)
what i did once, i cannot do it twice.

the walls i've built in around me are far too tall, and wide and i cannot break through.
disappointment finds me in curious ways.

all this time i was keeping you caged in my mind, and i didnt let you drown, and i didnt let you leave, because we were there in my mind, and we were once in love, in my mind.

i am letting you go.
love, be free.

dont make a promise if you can't keep it.
i forgive you.
i'll forget you.


  1. This is deep. I Love it <3

  2. loved your shooting!! :D

  3. thank you :) i appreciate that you took the time to read :)

  4. Omg i loveeeeeee it!!