blogging :)

i was contemplating whether i should upload these or not as they aren't really that good, but oh well i made this blog so i can post bits and bobs and this might as well be one of them. the weather was quite nice yesterday when i woke up (ie. 7 in the evening. my excuse: i was so tired i fell asleep as soon as i got back from college) just as i woke up i just literally stormed out of the house and quickly got to this 'cool' place i had 'discovered' near where i live :P i love the setting sun and its orange glow so i really wanted to get that, it was almost too late when i finally got there and it took me a while to set the tripod and the focusing was such a heading (i wish i had a model available 24/7 ) i was only able to take a few shots with the sun on my back (yumm) and then it started to get dark and if i may add very very windy but i really wanted to have some pictures taken so i had to compromise with the iso and the result- lots and lots of grain and noise! and this was i think my 5th self portrait and by now i have run out of poses to do and all i could think of doing was to take off my hat, take off my jacket and put it on again or just stand still and look as if i just died (which i think im getting quite good at) i should really start browsing the internet on how to pose hmmm. anyways, as i said earlier i have put up some outtakes and pictures of some light hearted moments from the last shoot on my facebook which you can see by clicking HERE. these arent perfect at all so do give my apologies. i will update this album later with many unseen (well rubbish) pictures from previous shoots, not sure if anyone's even interested but oh well :)

i think this has officially been my longest blog. i never realised writing whatever you felt like or the first thing that came to your mind is quite fun. i think i've bored you enough. happy easter everyone :) im off to oxford tomorrow hopefully i'll get more pictures of my baby neice :D (i am still trying to decide whether i should post his pictures or not i have loads hmmmm)

 i had forgotten how good it felt to lay down on the grass although when you are doing that on your own its kinds sad but atleast im not standing on all of the pictures :P


  1. hahaaa entertaining. this gave me the lols, topi nikaldai gareko ni pose, wah,
    have a good trip to oxford.

  2. ohh gyan intersting self portrait there :D i likes

  3. POST POST POST the pictures of your neeice :3
    happy belated easter Gyan! I miss you ):
    I like all the self-potraits that you have posted.

  4. hmm i might post one or two they're not that good but oh well and thanks AP lol happy easter to you too although its quite late :D