don't let the sun go down on me

i have been so busy this week so apologies for taking too long to upload these. i took these of nischal last week but only got around to editing them today. i am quite pleased with the pictures but not completely satisfied with the post processing. i feel like i need a change. i miss going crazy with the colours like i used to. i am bored of my own pictures. so basically i kind of gave up editing these because i just dont feel like i am at my best state at the moment speaking on a creative sense. i will possibly re-edit some and definitely edit more from this shoot because there were others that i liked as well but im guessing it will only be after a month or so.
my exams are coming soon and this time i am really going to work hard. my january results were basically appalling and if i have any chance of passing, i'm going to have to stop photography (because that isn't what i ultimately want to be doing hmm a future post on this?) and even facebooking and really re-prioritise my studies (which i should have done from the begginning :(
im sorry if this post has just been a complete and utter rant about nothing but its my blog so i guess i am entitled the freedom to just use this as my "where to talk to myself" place? :S
on another news, i recently did a collaboration with egooffashion she is an amazing model to work with and really nice and kind :) it was the first time i worked with someone who i hadn't known or met before so i was kinda nervous but we got on quite well i think :) and im so happy with all the pictures! (thank you didi for putting up with my demands, i basically was like a slave driver making you work non stop for 5 hours! yikes i just realised this morning when i counted the time we started and ended lol)
she will upload some when im done editing a small batch but i will upload them in a 3-part series in time after i clear up my head, do some hardcore studying and hopefully do well in my exams :) this will probably be my last proper post for quite a while now (i might post some old pictures or maybe do non-photo posts where its only going to be me talking about nothing and everything? blehhh ) enjoy the pictures :)





  1. oh.. u also used that overhead bridge where i had used for manita's potfolio project..

  2. theres two pictures i really like, one of thems the jumping one. the picture really looks alive, is this the same dude as the other one or differnt twin. kasto confusing k. PLEASEE do one with both of them together, LOL and HAVE ONE WHERE THEY LOOK IN THE MIRROR so we see FOUR of them, that wud b total LOL. but yeh i get what you mean, tired of your style...hmm sometimes just leave it raw - or like show us the contrasts between raw,editted and over editted or sumthing to jazz it up. but liking it. keep it up.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA yes yes please do that shoot ^^

  4. this one is nischal the previous one was nawal and yh im defo doing a shoot with both of them but only after my exams so make that one of your things to look forward to in 2010 :P
    anyways i dont quite get what you mean by 'raw'? do you mean show the unedited picture and kinda show like the before and after picture? :S
    i will do it on future posts if i manage to get drastic changes because normally i only change the colours and stuff since i dont have photoshop sad times

  5. the picture in which the guy is jumping is really awesome...