i was hanging by a thread, i never knew there was

did you know you were drifting
from the moment you drifted
and could you feel your heart shifting
before it had shifted,

ahh british weather! what can i say about you, where do i start? your constant mood swings have exhausted me. this day was quite a dodgy one (or maybe not)- it first started out nice, the sun over the clear blue sky (a sight it was to see, especially when you are a minute walk from fields that you could easily get lost in or the ones you could walk forever and never get to the other end, and the ones that seemed to touch the horizon and the sky alike)
i got so excited and sneakily ventured into someone else's land for some pictures, oh but then the grey clouds shrouded over the blue sky and stole the sun and what was left of my optimism. i carried on, nevertheless, these would have looked so much better in colour (it did, it does but its not good enough, not for me).

i was attempting to do things with my scarf until i saw this old man with a dog, briskly walking towards my direction (with a stick) and i couldn't see his face properly but it wasn't a happy one. i took that as my cue to run and so i did (lol). after i left that field and reached i don't know where, it was sunny again. i found this place where i could continue. i couldn't have gotten luckier :)
this is soul meets body by death cab for cuite (one of my favourites :D) for some reason i find myself watching this video over and over again (the quality is a wreck but oh well)



  1. woooooow i like the second pic right wallah, very advert like.
    you going n doin this, u make a great two inn one model n photographer.
    nice stuff

  2. These

  3. lookking handsome, awesome, gorgeous.... Gyan..
    Photographer, Writer, Model and Imperfect Human Being!!!! Multi talented person...