ignorance is my new best friend


we found this really cool place to do a photoshoot few weeks ago but we only got around to do it yesterday. although it was a shitty start but im really happy with the outcomes. if only it hadn't rained in the middle of it! damn you british weather :( there were so many that i liked but they somehow looked kinda similar so i handpicked the best ones, however i'll upload the rest and other outtakes from the shoot in my facebook (i'll post a link after im done editing)

this is the acoustic of ignorance by paramore :D


  1. there's no connection seemed in between the two models. they're both taking their eyes outa each other most of the time.. when taking pictures with more than one model, it's better if we try minimising the sense of "set-up".. plus, why not also give some variations, almost in all of the pic they r standing.

  2. thanks a lot for the crtique :D i was well aware of the connection thing and variations yes we did take pictures of them looking at eachother, had them sat down on a bench, on the floor and what not but they didnt come out as good but thats a shortcoming on my fault
    it was my first time working with two models and it was prajwal dai's first time doing a shoot as well so we were both nervous, only merina was the confident one so i didnt pay much attention to her and only when i was editing i realised she had her hands in her pockets in most of the pictures which is a shame really but im not really fussed about that since normally i would only use one or two pictures from a shoot but its only for the blog that i posted loads so its not a big deal for me :)

    ps: just realised my reply basically sounds like me consoling myself its not that bad but really thanks for the suggestions bro will try to do better on the next one :D

  3. very nice picts :0
    loving the models and the locations
    u have a good sense in locations/backgrounds i must say xD
    anyways here are my favorites:


    continue the good work (:

  4. the girl in the pictures' is it Merina, well anwyays she looks really good in black and white, the first image of her is striking. the couple on works in the second last one.
    Nice onee Gyan!

  5. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_P5E_0RSeIFU/S6_B8P94PMI/AAAAAAAAAUI/FQNNBzQYkas/s640/IMG_9754+colll.jpg
    There is 2 pictures on this.
    I believe it would have turned out better if the guy model knew how to express and of course, a much more close up shot.

    Anyways Nitazi here!

  6. thanks everyone for the support and comments :D

    on his defence it was his first shoot so he was nervous as hell a test shoot would have been a good idea but we didnt have time to do that prior to the shoot so sorry about that i have learnt a lot from this, i have formed my little strategy for the next shoot so i wont have the same problems :P