happiness hurt like a bullet in the mind

they are linda and merina :)
i am going to do shoots with them soon and today we decided to do some test shoots. one of my friends has agreed to model with merina. im quite excited about that since i've never done a proper shoot with two people together.
ps: i dont know if its blogger or the resizing of big files the quality is horrendous :(
here is florence and the machines with 'dog days are over' (this song has been stuck in my head for days!)

and these are from last year :)


  1. wow, make me a model too.lol

  2. omg linlin & me looks soo awesomeee. like majorlyy

  3. lol ya me and lex will come hai!so u can snap snap snap^.^

  4. at first i was like who the hell is mimi lol stop majoring yourselfff :P