with the sun on my back

last sunday i was in oxford and i found this place i was so glad i had gone prepared with my camera and tripod :) although at first i was really happy with the pictures however, after editing i cant say im impressed. too many pictures look too similar. i think im going to take a break from doing self portraits for a while. spring is finallly coming, and so i will be able to do my shoots i had in mind for i dont know how long! i will probably only get around to do those in easter break because of college and homework and work and what not but thats definitly something i look forward to :)
this is 'come home' by findlay brown :) (one of my favourite songs to fall asleep to)


  1. merinaisawesomecool21 March 2010 at 13:02

    omg this placeee is awesommeeee! millions of ideas are running through my mindd. lol but u look goood like majorly good.

  2. i know me too got so excited when i first saw it i nearly fell of my bike you should have been there! i had so many ideas i could have used if there was someone else i could shoot besides myself but oh well we are defo doing the camberley one so worry not my friend :P

  3. gyan the model, very hazey but nice. i liked the mirror one on the other post v cool