penniless for a dream

models: georgia and kathryn
hair & makeup: aprila
styling: aprila and myself


  1. your work is a wonderland! :)

  2. And yet again you amaze me with your work!
    Beautiful pictures.

  3. thank you all for your kind words :)

  4. omg you are sooo good, i love you so much!!! Your works are always so amazing. You are my inspiration and you just keep getting better and better. Your number 1 fan ;)

  5. so great to see new works from you !!! your works are always magical. i love the spontaneity in these shots and the COLORS, yes the colors. but i wish there was more order. i keep feeling these are behind-the-scenes shots! of course its different and refreshing. maybe its just me :)


  6. thank you meg :) and to the anonymous person (i really dont see why you are anonymous!) i am just TOO flattered for getting such an amazing comment but i really cant help but chuckle and wonder if its a silly joke by one of my friends, regardless thank you very very much! :D

    @tara didi i agree with you. i admit i hadnt planned these very well and it shows. definitely not my strongest work but i thought i'd post anyway since its just a blog not my portfolio. thank you for your honest opinion :)

  7. i love the hippies Style and colorful style...
    different style for sure..
    keep ur good word raising..