maxc london part I

this was the final picture that was chosen as the brand image for maxc london's fall collection. here are some that weren't chosen but ones that i liked.

model: carola wisny
styling: fiona wu
hair+mua: subechhya gurung
clothing: maxc london


  1. i love that song. i also love how you match songs with photos perfectly. it really draws the viewer in.

  2. Nice work gyan............
    Like your work!!!!!!!!!

  3. aah you gave them such a great selection of photos! maybe they weren't chosen because they were a bit more yellow? and also some photos hide the details of the dress!
    but this is so awesome. progress is always great! someday your photos will be published all over the city hola :D

  4. Such stunning imagery and a beautiful look - I am so amazed by this and the music and the photos are lovely together, such an amazing look - you should try making a fashion film to branch more out into fashion and music and photography together - that would be so emotive and beautiful <3

  5. Love these photos. Captivating and inspiring. Your eye for this is admirable. Love your blog!

  6. thank you all for your comments :D

  7. great photographs..