oh, oh, jerome

model: carola wisny
styling: fiona wu
hair+mua: subechhya gurung
clothing: maxc london

pictures i took for maxc london (my first ever commercial job!) which used one of the final pictures to represent their brand at the bi-annual fashion trade show that recently happened in london. (you can see the picture on my facebook page!)
these are just some quick outtakes i took (whilst the sun was momentarily shrouded by grey clouds) and i was only wanting one picture but i ended up liking all of these and couldnt choose just one.
ps: i am uploading these first because i secretly like them more than the final pictures which i will upload in the next post :P


  1. how abt Nepali faces in ur next post?>?>>>???

  2. Goodness these are just so sos so ssos amazing, and CONGRATS on your first commercial job! You deserve it!

  3. thank you meg and swapnil didi :)

    @lhamo all my posts in 2010 have nepali faces if you'd like to see some :)