pictures and whispers


model: shehzeen husain
hair, styling and art direction: aprila gurung
mua: subechhya gurung
wardrobe: vintage basement
i do apologise for the non existent coherence in these pictures, both in terms of the actual pictures we took and then the post processing since these were taken in december and i edited them at different times, before, during and after my exam (which i'm glad to say are over!)
i havent got much else to say, its quite dull these days and i havent taken many pictures lately. the exams made me realise how much i really wanted to study psychology in university. i mean i always knew i wanted to do it, but i did have thoughts on wanting to become a photographer for living, somewhere at the back of my mind. i guess i'll always be taking pictures anyway. right now i've got my head on getting the grades that i need to get into the unis that i've been offered places from and i hope i've done good enough.
lately i feel so tired and my mind goes all fuzzy when i think about the future, i mean this year is going to be a hell of a year for me, especially finishing college and going to university, living on my own and what not.
my mind hasnt been in the right place either and there's a lot going on but i'm doing well and i'm trying and thats good enough for me. i have done a lot of thinking for the last few months about where i see myself in 10 years and such, and i have this plan in my head of the things i'll do and its silly because i know its not as easy as that but i feel like i have finally figured out something meaningful and i want to do anything i can to hold on to it. i just need to be brave i guess.
hope you all are good. how are you? how was your day?
i missed blogging and i missed you.

ps: i had to put my new found love for jessie j out in the blogosphere. dont mind me while i have my fan boy moments ;)


  1. well im a freshman n im taking psychology the introduction level.yes,very interesting n gets more interesting if the professor is nice. I mean my first prof. was like soo dull I just switched my class n the prof. N now i just love it...
    i must say ur photography skills theyr amazinG.

  2. despite u being a pain on fb, im pretty happy for you! it is such a privilege to know what you really want from your life at your age. to really know in your mind (and heart?) that you want to focus on an area. this clarity will push you through thick and thin. and your talent for photography and you being an arse is not something someone can take away from you. so you can cash on it whenever you want. Way to go GG!

    btw, among the pictures i like the first one with the skirt. you have a way with sunlight don't you!