never trust a man in a suit


it was raining the whole day today and i hadn't done self portraits in a long long time so i thought i might just get wet for some pictures (although the rain is hardly visible here). i couldn't find my tripod's head with the screw that you attach with the camera so i had to bravely make do with blu tack and rubber bands. i had bought this mask for another idea that i am yet to photograph, so for now i've taken some pretty cliche'd pictures, do excuse my laziness! :P
besides the fact that the plastic i used to cover the camera didnot keep it dry and i had to wipe off the water after every shot and that i couldn't take any vertical shots, it worked out pretty well if i say so myself (in other words, the camera is still working phew)


have a good day/night everyone :) 
for those who have a date tomorrow, have fun and for those who don't, let ben and jerry's in your life (like i'm doing *__*)


  1. i really love this >__< the mask and ur suit goes so well hehe btw tripod means u were th only crew in the field? anyhow looking forward to more self-portrait of urs =]

  2. Hehe I really like the mask!
    & yay for ben & jerry's!

  3. omg loving this!!! Gyan the Mask Finally!!! Yay, it looks so cool!!!

  4. i love the last picture :D and the darkness in these pictures! damn i wish the rain was visible.

  5. these pictures are gooood GDai.
    sooo thin in the second one. the tree with the little drops of water looks so cool in the third one.

  6. amazing :D :D :D ! :D :D :D ! :D :D :D !
    i love the 2nd and last picture the most @_@!
    btw, the mask looks really cool!

  7. thank you all for your kind words :)

  8. The picture with the mask on is absolutely amazing!