what part of forever? (vintage basement 1 of 5)


so i did a collaboration with vintage basement  last month where i borrowed some clothes from the shop and used them in my pictures. the shop's owner thinley shakya was so kind and awesome for letting me do so, and i am ever so grateful for that. i would go on a rant about how amazing the shop is but i'll let the pictures do the talking.

(here, the green wax coat is from the shop, everything else is mine :P)
4 more posts to follow on vintage basement (YES)


  1. second one looked a little uncomfortable loved the first and the fifth!!! karma

  2. last one = so awesome (:!
    love the editing! and man :0 if i were to go to london, yes will visit vintage basement :0
    from the pictures you posted on this blog, the clothing from there looks so unique and cool @_@.
    -surya (thinkfastboom93)

  3. thank you karma dai and i agree with you but thats the reason why i like it even more :)

    thank you surya, the shop is awesome and im sure you'll like it too :)