the guardian

 roland johnson @ sapphires model management

pictures from a month ago that i was going to publish only when my website was finished but its not quite done yet and i am impatient and i am very proud of these so it doesnt matter where you see them as long as you do. there's so much to say about this but its 2 in the morning, i am tired and well the pictures should speak for themselves (except for the white piece of fabric thats laying there which was meant to be some kind of 'fort' which never really happened oh wellz)

ps: i could not find any song that i thought went well with this :/


  1. Amazing.
    The 7th picture really held my eye's attention the most thought @_@
    and wow no song this time *gasps* jk (:

  2. thank you surya :)
    and i still dont know which song to put for this eeeeeek!

  3. i love how creative u r in ur photoshoot

  4. beautiful pictures esp the last 2