shoot for your life

hey guys i've taken part in a photo competition SHOOT FOR YOUR LIFE and i would really really appreciate it if you could just spare 2 seconds to vote for me. you can view my entry by clicking on the picture above and to vote, you need to have either a facebook or a twitter account.
if you are on facebook, please click on the 'like' button
if you are on twitter, please click on the 'retweet' button
(this is my first time taking part in any photo related competition so its all very exciting and i kinda feel weird, and almost like i'm cheating by asking people to vote especially because there are so many other amazing artists on there, some of whose work i've loved and followed and many that i personally think are more deserving, so please do take your time to go through the archives and vote for other pictures that you think are worthy too!) 

thank you thank you thank you guys! i will post more pictures from this shoot when i can :)
happy holidays :D

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