dust on the ground


model: kirstie foss
first time i saw her at college and the first thing i thought was "i need to take her picture!"
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oh and you know how i always have a storyline behind pictues (cheesy as always!). for this one, she is a fallen angel who's lost her wings, so she cant fly anymore to get back to her home (the sun). she's stuck on earth and feels like dust on the ground. she eventually finds a way to get in touch with her friends (the dreamcatcher duh :P) and so she makes a house for herself in the trees, constantly waiting, always dreaming for the day they come to take her back home where she can fly again. (i did warn its cheesy!)

ps: i upload my most recent pictures on flickr these days because i just dont get enough time to edit as many pictures as these to upload as a series on this blog. this was taken more than a month ago so that says it all. you may see some pictures there that i havent uploaded here yet, i will eventually get around to blogging those. it was snowing last week and i took some self portraits which was quite fun (but very very cold!) i like so many pictures so i'll put those up as soon as i can! i also have 3 more vintage basement posts (eeek!) oh and on sunday i had the most amazing shoot ever! i also took some pictures that are going to be published in a new magazine called RISE which will hopefully come out in january so i am quite excited about that. it was a studio shoot so i learned quite a lot as well which is always a bonus :) in other news, i've been the photographer for two weddings in the past two months and i love it! ofcourse there's the immense pressure to capture all those special moments (and there are so many!) and then the aching hands and having to run around trying to capture everything you can, but being around two people who love eachother so much declare and share it with their loved ones, makes it worth all the hardwork. oh and i have a client shoot this saturday (yay). please email me on gyangurungphotography@gmail.com if you want one as well ;)
so thats what i've been up to during my absence (and also doing A LOT OF college work!) although i like to keep myself busy, i'm just waiting for xmas break to start already. a few nothing days won't do anyone harm. 
hope everyone's well and warm.


  1. hot stuffsssssss
    i m in love gyannnn
    these are beautiful, for some reason i m in love with the 1st pic, my new wallpaper

  2. thank you didi :) inbox me your email address on facebook, i'll send you its larger resolution without the text :)

  3. its awesome that you always have a storyline! you're so creative and i was really at awe to see you in action :)again, i love the second one the best. i don't know how you made those feathers fly but it looks perfect!

  4. My dear brother... yet with your busy schedule... you manage to produce so many beautiful images... :)

  5. Gyan dai, the pictures are amazing and so is the story :). The second one is beautiful. :)
    How did you get the feathers ??
    Great Job again :)

    Seriously, this is whole series is just so incredible!!!

  7. oooo love the story and the photos c:
    the second one is sooooo cool

  8. thank you guys you all are so wonderful! :)

    rashmi i took the feathers out of a cushion i bought from a charity shop and used those. the larger feathers on her body are actually from a christmas tree which i cut out

  9. what a wonderful shoot! i absolutely love the opening picture, as well as the second. the two go perfectly together. then all the colours are so warm and beautiful in the rest of the series :)