bright eyes

10:14 pm - its been a few hours or so that we had started our journey from wherever to back home and the darkness has called upon a clear sky and cold wind to accompany the restless. ofcourse you wouldn't feel the difference inside the metal you call a car, when you are half awake and half asleep, in between checking with the tomtom for answers you wish it would give, and in between weary eyes and tired carcass of flesh and bones. the night seemed to go on forever and so did the way back home.

10:57 pm - i sink into a lucid dream. i have lost you and you can't find me. we have lost us. i come back to life. we have missed an exit. "Take the exit. Take the exit." but its too late. our minds had had too much to take and you weren't listening and i wasn't looking. we are not going home anymore. this road has taken us nowhere. we really have lost us this time.

11:29 pm - i dont think and you dont speak. my eyelids are heavy and i cant carry its weight for long. i close and open and close. somewhere in my mind i hear the sound of an engine roaring against the motorway concrete. i fall into black and the distant echoes of a voice brings me into consciousness. 'bruce springsteen - i'm on fire' reads my mp3 player and my ears are numb from the music i didnt know i was listening to.

"Sometimes it's like someone took a knife baby
Edgy and dull and cut a six-inch valley
Through the middle of my soul"


12:01 am - i am running out of air and i forget to breathe for a second. i open the car window and let the wind gush into my lungs. i take out my hand and feel the 80mph wind on my skin. it tickles my bones and the flesh is as cold as ice. they are not my hands anymore. i am not me. i am now a ship. its not dark anymore, the lights flash like daybreak. i am now awake with bright eyes.

01:42 am - "You have reached your destination."


  1. Wow.. This is awesome. :)

    The text and pictures go so well together, and you almost get sucked into it. Like I was there for a moment.

    You're good :D

  2. i loved how you weaved these pictures into a sort of story
    i remember you don't think a couple of posts before with a different set of pictures of a totally differnt theme
    i liked how you had a part of every half an hour or so
    and very nice writing style you have (: keep it up

  3. gyan, bravo, its so deep yet so lovely. i just had to say, u write well. very well in fact :) and its all soo dreamy, post more la, ofcourse not putting pressure on u or else it might just be added on ur to do list instead of it coming out from you spontaneously which is what we want :) ur such a cute little people pleasure at heart.

  4. thanks guys you all are so awesome! i'll make sure i write more often even if its just for you and i

    ps i wrote the draft for this prose on my phone as text messages after i took these pictures :P

  5. Gyan, im left speechless here. i think ill write u a msg :)

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