life is beautiful

these are pictures from last saturday when i was in oxford. i had to cycle for almost an hour to get to this place (i think its called boars hill). it was so hot that day and by the time i got there, i was sweating and had gone all red, besides i rarely cycle! but all the effort was worth it in the end. the view from there was amazing and i found this area covered with yellow flowers (i know what they are called but cant remember now ) where i took these pictures and i think they've turned out quite nice :) you may have known that i didn't have photoshop and used to edit my pictures from well i now have photoshop CS4 thanks to a very very kind stranger (a friend now). i met her last month and she said she would be willing to give me her photoshop and she actually did and i didnt even have to pay her ( i've offered to be the photographer for all the major events in her life :) i owe her atleast that much).
(to think that the world still has some kindness left and there are people who are genuinely nice, i have become more positive and optimistic especially about talking to people i wouldn't normally talk to, becoming friends with strangers, even just smiling at someone you don't know or maybe a word or two to the person sitting next to you on the bus/train. i want to get to know more people everyday, i want to learn their names and know that they will mean something to me. i want to start making memories and keep them with me. life is too short and i want to live while im still alive.)

so i edited these pictures in photoshop (some done in picnik as well). everything is new and it feels the same way it felt when i first started learning to edit pictures on picnik. in all honesty picnik is much easier to use but i have to get myself to be able to use photoshop as well. i have more pictures to update you with but i am taking my time with those even though they are really similar to these ones (they were taken in a field as well). i am just experimenting and learning how to use photoshop so i'll only upload those after i'm content with pressing each and every button and see what it does to the picture :P

 my tripod (what would i do without it!) and the field :)


  1. euta foto ekdamai man paryo,

  2. i can see the yellow fields ..i wish i was there..

  3. that field is so beautiful who would have thought that would be in oxford

    these pics came out really nice i love how u edited them so bright and warm and happy you'd never guess it was england

    and yes the tripod, gr8 invention..after the camera ofcourse ;)

  4. thank you :)
    its sort of on the outskirts of oxford but its still oxford :P there's so many fields there!

  5. Gorgeous photos again! I'm a new follower :)