Nepal Diary iii - Chautara ko Baje

When you are trekking, you will find a 'chautara' generally after a steep portion of walking, where you can take breaks and rest. This is often where you get the chance to talk to lots of different people: the local villagers, porters, tourists and travellers. 

I met this elderly man on our way to Ghandruk while we were resting at a chautara. He was carrying water in his doko (basket). Although I don't remember the brief conversation we had, I am glad I managed to take a few pictures. He was surprised to see a Nepali with a big camera and mentioned that he was only used to seeing foreign tourists to be carrying those. I guess I was a tourist in my own country in many ways.


  1. The photographs are beautiful :D

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    1. Thanks a lot June! He was a great character! :)