in bloom and in decay

if you follow my facebook or twitter you will have known that i recently had an exhibition. it was alongside a bunch of other photographers, painters, illustrators, sculptors, musicians and fashion designers so it was very humbling and also exciting for me to find myself in company of so many other talented artists. i really enjoyed the whole experience and it was so great to have my pictures in an art gallery. thank you to everyone who came, it really meant a lot to me! i put up my pictures in the form of a little installation and had the description as a letter. i do apologise for the bad quality of the pictures. i did not have my camera with me so i had to resort to using my phone.


  1. wow so nice. i wish i lived in proximity to stop by. and you really write beautifully. i think i said this before but i like how you are able to express your thoughts not only in photographs but in writing. quite inspiring , as usual (:!

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    1. how beautifully u expressed your thoughts
      much appreciated

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  4. Congrats on having your work displayed!
    Looks like a wonderful exhibition!
    Love G xx

  5. gyan, your writing really moved me. you are a very special person & its great that you are happy at the moment, long may it continue.