maxc london early fall 2012

a few pictures of a selection of the maxc london early fall collection 2012.

hair & mua: silvia saccinto
styling: siumon cheung
clothing: maxc london  


  1. the photographs... I love your work gyan..
    and the last picture, i want you to take pictures of me too!!


  2. OMG! Photo are amazing , I like it very much ;)

  3. You probably forgot about me but it's Ariel from deviantart, which I don't use anymore aha but I still come to your blog once in a while because I find such peace and calm in every pictures, it's amazing how far you've gone with photography since then!

    Hope you're having a great life :)


  4. Haven't been here for a while but I'm loving the new uploads. I really love the second one. The pastel colors are really pretty and calming. And of course balloons! They always make everything epic ~_~. haha
    Good model. Keep up with the good work (:!

    Anyways, I've been working on Flickr "portfolio" quite a bit since the beginning of this summer (:! I'm hoping you can look through it and tell me what you think since you're very talented bahaha.

  5. thank you guys!

    ariel, ofcourse i remember you! it is so humbling to hear that you still continue to support my work, thank you so so much! it really means a lot! :)

    surya, you are always so supportive! thanks a lot and i already have you as a contact on flickr, i'm not as much of an active user there (or anywhere online currently) but i will definitely follow your work! :)

  6. You always give the best :)really like the first last pictures gives me nostalgic feelings. Will you do some tutorial of how you edit these beautiful photographs?