a few pictures i took of myself when i had green hair.
 i needed something beautiful. green is beautiful. 
i've shaved all of my hair now. 
i needed to destroy something beautiful. green was beautiful.


  1. There couldn't have been a more appropriate title, the play of light here is just stunning. and so brave of you to bare (no pun intended) your emotions under this clarity, which to me would have felt like the being under the spotlight of scrunity. you really do capture the beauty of human expressions in unspoken words. I really do admire your photography for that. I feel a sense of nostalgia here, definitely one of those mornings that everyone's experienced from time to time. Beautiful song too.
    ps: perhaps not destroyed, but evolved.

    1. i just want to say thank you, whoever you are, for all you've said. THANK YOU!
      ps: perhaps, you are right! its quite liberating to have (almost) no hair :)