i had been increasingly becoming more aware of how long it had been that i hadn't updated anything on here and this thought at the back of my head never went away. i wanted to post amazing pictures, something worthwhile to make up for the absence but then i never got round to taking those, what with me chasing time in an endless loop of circles. the thoughts are there, the pictures aren't anymore. i had stopped taking pictures for a while, no reason, i just did. maybe i thought i didnt need to anymore. i had convinced myself that the best moments in life could not be created or captured, just felt. i guess i was wrong. besides, there's no harm in trying. here are some from university so far. 

caretakers of the founders building at the south quad
sam bathing in the warmth of the street light
 watching stars at the quad
alejandra in the night time
silhouettes against the founders windows
girl in the dark
campbell smiling
lloyd checking the time
charlie playing banana pancakes
charlie and his guitar
simant resting against the founders staircase
me by the window.


  1. why of course these are amazing and worthwhile photos!! :) the architecture of your university is just beautiful! I love how you've captured all these little moments of light and dark, laughter and silence, of company and solitude. no doubt these will be great reminders of those wonderful memories. best moments in life are often felt, but I believe you've managed to capture some of it too. :) good luck with your studies!

  2. i really love these pictures! you really captured the moments so well :D! i especically thought the "lloyd checking the time" one to be especially cute (:! i really want to see more of these kinda of pictures
    your university life (and the building itself) looks really nice :D. i'm assuming you just started university :0 same here (if i guessed right)! how is it there so far :D?

  3. your comments mean so so much to me you have no idea. thank you!