little lion man

self-portraits taken with help from my friend simant who pressed the shutter for me :)
these are just random outtakes that i tried for an idea i have in mind to use with a model in the future. thought i'd post here anyway to make up for what a rubbish blogger i have been for the past few months. i'm going to uni in two weeks now and that will most likely mean i probably wont be updating my blog as much but i have planned 3 shoots before that so hopefully i'll have enough time to get them done and find a way to keep this blog alive.
hope you're all well!


  1. you are fucking amazing.
    you single?

  2. it clearly shows your originality of thought and your immense imagination :)

  3. thank you chwakie :)

    and thank you anon! i cant help but think that that comment was a joke, if it wasnt Y U ANONYMOUS?! i'm single, take me out and feed me k thanks :P

  4. good job :)

  5. I love what you post and update us about whats going on with your life :) i was wondering if you could come with other ideas of your facial expression.