what's your groove?

here's a little stopmotion video i made for an event 'groovy night' organised by a group called 'tik tok twitz'. its my first time that i did something like this and i know there's a lot to improve on but we had so much fun while doing the shoot and i wasn't taking pictures (not as much) so i spent a good few hours shouting at the top of my lungs, which i loved! (and was therapeutic in a good way) hope everyone's well.

Video & Photos Post Production: Gyan Gurung
Photography: Karuna Gurung, Rabi Chamling Rai
Hair & Makeup: Subechhya Gurung
Styling: Valinda Rai
Models: Nawal Gurung, Nishchal Gurung, Namita Rai, Sujota Lawati, Sudan Gurung


  1. very nice (:!
    for a first stopmotion video, this is really nice :D
    so your good at photography, writing
    hmm i think very soon it'll be making videos..(:!

  2. aah love how the mood matches the music