the crime scene


a series of outtakes from a shoot i did for vintage basement.

 we shot four different looks on the same day, which i will be uploading in the next few posts. we wanted to have as many different ones as we could have so there isn't much consistency which i normally aim for (but recently finding hard to keep up with) nevertheless i had an amazing day with such a great team. it just reminds me how important it is to work as one, and how much more fun it can be too :D


  1. I'm loving these vintage photos, they're beautiful :)

  2. hehe i really love that blurry one, sometimes accidental images like that can work so well with a series. you're posting lovely work lately!

  3. @julia why thank you :) and yes it was an accidental image indeed! i wouldnt have used it as a stand-alone picture but it does work well with the others :)