here comes the sun :)

today was such a good day! after ages and ages of endless rain and what not there was finally some sunshine.
i was beginning to forget what it felt like to have the warm rays of the setting sun tickle the back of my neck
and the wind softly blowing through my ears, like a silent melody.
on our way back home from college i did a mini/casual photoshoot with my friends.
the lighting was amazing and i just couldn't resist.
this is the outcome of it i think its come out really nice
thank you so much angshu and sujita for being awesome models :)


  1. love love love love LOVE!!!!! very much!!!! :D

  2. haha binita thanks thanks thanks THANKS!!!! very much!!!! :D

  3. omg this is much more like it!!
    i think we all needed some sushine for some inspiration!! lol i really enjoyed this from the pictures, the writing and here comes the sun music!!!! loveee it well doneee!! ;)
    ure finally followed my tips re k lol haha

  4. by the way that was me "anonymous" the name fing dint work

  5. err binita again? or merina or aprila? cos you all gave me the same tip ¬_¬
    but yess thankss for being so supportive :D
    and select name/url from the drop down box below this comment box :)

  6. lol that was aprila, bless her i told her how to do it but it still didn't work

  7. its prolly cos shes using from her iphone

  8. omg gyann i like very much the 3rd one speciallyy. it gave me gossebumpssss, jus tht emotional feelinggg between friendsss. FTW.FML.

  9. oh no wait the last oneee. hahaaa
    btw you do most of ur pic like this type of editingg!! your trademrk.!!!

  10. Arey hero..!!
    Well done..!!

  11. haha cook you joker
    sujita was well good at the piggy back thing i was like wooahh haha your making a fool out of yourself with all the fml's and ftw's pmsl? and yes i just love backlit pictures so i guess that is kind of my trademark?